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Pedophile extraordinaire. Strong, masculine build, yet soft and friendly in appearance to lure small children. Prefers children under the age of eight, but will occasionally make exceptions for the tender ones.

Along with a magnificent talent for video games, Marc is the coolest out of all of his friends. They wish they could have the same natural wit that Marc has, and are grateful for his friendship.

He does not enjoy being pinched in the nipples.

Marc is such a gorgeous work of art, his charm can turn anything into solid gold with just a glance of his starling eyes. Even Jesus would shed a tear thinking about Marc's flawless body.

He is also genetically superior to Rand.
Chris: Whoa, look, Marc just walked by... That sexy beast.

Nathan: Holy shit, I'd kill myself just to have him notice me. His body is like a work of perfection.

Rand: I know, he's so cool and popular, I wish I could be just like him.
by Ferret Tamer December 5, 2010
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CAC is located in Egypt. This is just one of the many high schools that are a failed experiment in preparing young people for the adult world. The crappy insulation has all fagged out and the building becomes an oven or a meat locker. The plumbing is usually a disaster in high school, with drinking fountains never working but toilets that never stop running. It's run poorly by a team of out of touch assholes who people seem hell bent on destroying all hope for students through tedious testing and poorly planned projects. It's also the place where the stress of growing up and the stress of fitting in join forces to destroy even the strongest among us. Most of High school is not spent learning but involves trying to find friends who aren't complete douche bags, trying hook up with people of the opposite sex unsuccessfully, combing your hair, buying cloths in the effort that someone will notice you, trying desperately to get rid of the zits that have taken over your face, or riding on an over crowed bus while choking on diesel fumes while people you don't know make fun of you. Not to mention the crappy food selection. There are only two equally shitty options: Jared's Bagels, and Cilantro. Cilantros is thought to be some fancy ass place, when all it really is, is processed factory-made sandwiches at outrageously high prices. Jared's is if you want a quick, cheap heart attack during passing periods. And on top of all of that, you must act like nothing is wrong in your life.
In the end, it's a pretty decent place. I'd just rather have no high school than any high school. Cairo American College is what you make of it.
by Ferret Tamer November 24, 2010
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Boobs are proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.
by Ferret Tamer January 16, 2011
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Douche bags on Urban Dictionary. They typically post a definition that supposedly makes them look like a "deep" and "thoughtful" person. They think that they're unique in our society, and that somehow they're different. All they are, are 15 year old teenagers that think they're rebelling against "everyone else". All they'll grow up to be is a depressed bank teller.

An Urban Douche can also apply to someone who repeatedly thumbs up there own definition.
Urban Douche: Whoa, I know what would be rebellious... I should talk about how society, media and the government is an evil plot to rape the youth!

olollololol im so deep and different from society that makes me kwl!!1!1!!
by Ferret Tamer January 14, 2011
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Without a doubt, Zionsville is the most uninteresting place on the face of this earth. Whoever started Zionsville up should be slapped in the face twice and thrown down a flight of stares. Really, the most interesting thing that's even REMOTELY close to it is the Indy 500, and nobody even gives a shit about racing. Otherwise, it's corn, corn, old white people, suburbs, and corn.

But don't get me wrong now. I spent several years in Indiana and I made friends that are like brothers to me. I think the people are really nice there, and everything is fairly modern.

Sorry, but you can't deny it. If you can name me ONE interesting thing Zionsville has to offer it's citizens, I will personally walk up to your door and hand you a 1000 dollar check.
Guy#1: Hey man, a passed by Zionsville on the way to Chicago. Ever heard of it?

Guy#2: Heard of what?

Well there you have it. Zionsville, Indiana. I can guarantee you 99.9% of the world's population have never heard of it.
by Ferret Tamer December 5, 2010
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