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To make a mess of something, to completely ruin something, to make a mistake
Ffs, what a Screw-Up.
"did you see that? what a Screw-Up!"
by FelixB666XD November 8, 2009
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What the fork.

Can replace What The Fuck at a time where swearing is inappropriate, or unwise, eg, around children.
It deems "wtf" to be more acceptable also.
"What The Fork Dude?"

"What The Fork!?"
-child walks in-
"What The Fork?"

"what the fork?"
"whats up?"

"what does that mean"
"er... What the.. er.. Fork"
by FelixB666XD November 9, 2009
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Where people go, if they are too lazy to look in a real dictionary... this ones better (:
"Wow. your delusional!"
-looks on Urban Dictionary-
by FelixB666XD December 13, 2009
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Contrite - Commercial - Arrogance - Leprosy
Consume The Bitch - The Fucker - Mindless - Like A Child
For Pity's Sake - I've Had All That I Can Take
We Try - But In The End We'll See
There Are No More Codes
Only Who Is Shit / And Who's Still Free
I was gonna change the world with Honor and Aggression
No one listened - no one cared
All they saw was misdirection

GO AHEAD AND DISAGREE / I'm giving up again...

Fingerprint of God / Your new religions covet
This vessel wasn't built to last
But I will live forever/ you'll never have to say surrender
Because you're so part of it
My total honesty has no place for Tomorrow
Guilty pleasures give me pain
Tell my people I CAN'T FOLLOW

GO AHEAD AND DISAGREE / I'm giving up again...

You'll never CENSOR me / You'd better CHERISH me
My REASON has a voice / Freedom's gone but we'll always have a CHOICE
My PRESENT FUTURE TENSE / It doesn't make much SENSE
I'm coming after you / FUCK YOU ALL I'M THE ONLY POINT OF VIEW

Violence and Dollar Signs / Another processed piece of shit
You hide your fault in DIAMONDS and give away the only
COST - you can't delay the inevitable
LOST - don't understand the incredible path
I'm losing ground - but I won't care when I go down

GO AHEAD AND DISAGREE / I'm giving up again...


~~Butcher's Hook~~
by FelixB666XD November 15, 2009
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the ability to play drums well. The creativity a drummer expresses through playing, and the enjoyment created during and after.

Similar to Austin Powers' Mojo

Similar to Drummers Block - but you only get Drummers Block when you lose your Drummers Mojo
Felix: i wanna go on the drums again :(

Heather: :L. you got your Drummers Mojo back yet? ;)

Felix: Nooo

-drums on Heather-
by FelixB666XD November 22, 2009
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When someone who plays the drums goes through a phase of not being able to play the particular instrument well, or not being able to write music.

Lack of Creativity
Lack of Motivation

similar to Writer's Block
"comon, lets play.. 1... 2... 3... 4...
Dude, I can't I have Drummers Block"

"I would go on the drums.. but I cant be bothered..
Hey - you've got Drummers Block"
by FelixB666XD November 22, 2009
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Grandma I'd Like to Fuck
Grandfather I'd Like to Fuck
Guy I'd Like to Fuck
Girl I'd Like to Fuck

Or anything else beginning with G that you might feel the urge to have sex with, but fucks sake - NO ANIMALS
Heather Collins: Felix Brueggemann thinks louis walsh is a GILF :O
Yesterday at 20:03 · Comment · Like · Remove tag

Felix BrueggemannWhat!? O_O! WTF!? JESUS Fu... O_O :|
It worries me that you think that way o.O
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannWhat the fork? Im just shocked
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannYou have scarred me.
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannI will never forgive you.
by FelixB666XD November 23, 2009
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