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Someone who is perfect and awesome. She is amazing and so Very beautiful. She is loved by everyone and super sexy. Also, her milk shake bringsssss all the boys to da yarrdddd<3
by MyMilkShake October 10, 2012
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May 17 Word of the Day
Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.
I felt deep sonder thinking about the all the people who looked up this word along with me.
by rednos January 10, 2013
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The king of all kings!! He brings a smile to everyone's face when he walks into the room and is generally just a fantastic guy!

Love u SUMER😘
Love u SUMER😘
by AditiloveSUMER January 10, 2018
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the most feared hacker on aol and aim
clinical studies indicate sumer is believed to hacked thousands of aim leets during the years of 2000-2003 alone.
by mooovies September 15, 2003
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A beautiful, Smart, Kind, Loving, And a perfect Girl .
AKA the best girlfriend of friend you could possibly have .
Dude Jasmine is so hot!
But she is nothing compared to sumer!
by SnipeShotGG April 25, 2017
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A sick place in south Iraq. All the boys are from there and know how to have a chill bang
Why’s he such a mad dog
Oh, he’s from Sumer
by Kwameyeboah September 18, 2019
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