Sexual position where one partner lies face down with their backside lifted into the air to form a fulcrum. The second partner balances face down on the first's backside while penetrating from behind.
We were in rear entry, and then I just lifted my hands and feet into the air and started doing the fulcrum.
by jeffantastic April 20, 2015
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1. being so incredicbly totally amazingly magnificent (supa cool)
2. replaces the word "fuck."
3. to partake in sexual activities.
4. to splooge; ejaculate
1. Tyreke: Boo, ya know youre my fulcrum
Shanequa: Nigga you dont even know what that shit means!

2. Let's Fulc! Wanna fulc? I walked in on them fulcing and I was like "Hells no!" Shes such a fulcing biggity bitch!!Damn that motha fulca!!

3. Wanna fulcrum?

4. I fulced all over her face man
Nigga you iight!!
by Polaris Mach 5 March 7, 2007
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Being in the center of a sexual act. Coming from its more convental use in leverage and physics.
Rachel gave head to Tom and did missionary to Rich, she was the fulcrum between them.
by HoserHoe December 6, 2004
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The act of being bent over and fucked profusely in the anus by life: To be fulcrumed.
1. Chris playing fallout and is killed by a deathclaw-
Thomas: man you just got fucked up!
Shane: Nah man, he just got fulcrumed!!!
by MastaVgamer December 21, 2010
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Shoving as many dicks in your ass as you can
by big fungus November 13, 2019
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Fulcrum is where you are full up but full up from the stresses of everyday life. Fulcrum mainly occurs on a Monday however his can reoccur any time stress is present.
"I'm not hungry at the moment as I'm still Fulcrum from earlier today"
by Samcb March 6, 2017
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