7 definitions by Fcking_Chuck

The act of a business or corporate entity imposing unnecessary, potentially complicating changes to reliable office equipment or devices for the sake of impressing clientele.
"Management replaced our equipment with fancy new things that malfunction half of the time."

"It's a future flex nobody wanted."
by Fcking_Chuck May 21, 2022
A court that is used to undermine democracy by determining what a constitution means to citizens in the United States.
"A majority of people in Mississippi voted to legalize medical cannabis in the 2020 election, but the state Supreme Court declared the initiative unconstitutional."
by Fcking_Chuck June 27, 2022
A feature that is often used on social media as a tool to ridicule other users without using any constructive language.
"I attempted to have a discussion on Facebook, but people would rather use the laughing reaction than to defend their beliefs with words of reasoning."

"Two kids were reported killed today on a Facebook post, and one hundred people gave the post a laughing reaction. What a bunch of assholes."
by Fcking_Chuck August 3, 2022
A country that has social or political conventions that are considered uncivilized and/or immoral compared to that of other countries.
"A woman in Iran was arrested and killed for not wearing a head covering. What a turd world country."
by Fcking_Chuck September 29, 2022
A disparaging term for the city of Simi Valley, California.
"Slimy Valley is home to white, Reagan-era republican, racist, inbred, radioactive, chain-smoking, alcoholic, religious pedophiles that abuse methamphetamine while also berating the surrounding cities that have more dignity with the same amount of affluence."
by Fcking_Chuck July 19, 2022
An online community of cannabis users where people hang out, talk, and behave like jerks because there are no community guidelines to follow.
"I joined rollitup.org to talk about growing cannabis, but then I left because the community was too toxic."
by Fcking_Chuck July 9, 2022