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A fish loaf is a girl who just lays there during sex. No movement. no sound. Just a fish loaf. You might as well be having sex with a giant loaf of fish because that would be about as exciting as banging a girl who is a "fish loaf". If any girl openly admits to not liking sex very much. There is a good chance she is a fish loaf.
Tom:"I finally got Jenna into bed with me last night and she was so boring"

Ted:"What do you mean?"

Tom:"She just laid there and didn't make a sound!"

Ted:"Oh so she's a FISH LOAF. Haha. That sucks."
by FatBitchKilla April 4, 2008
This is a nickname given to a girl with breasts which are very saggy. Often when a girl loses large quantities of weight the breasts lose volume, but the skin is still the same size. In this situation her breasts become a similar consistency to sacks, loosely filled with cottage cheese. Hence the nickname Cheese Tits.
"I got this girl home thinking she was slammin hot. Got to second base and realized she had Cheese Tits. gross.
by FatBitchKilla April 4, 2008
A Peeler is bitch who's stomach hangs down so low that you, in essence, have to "peel" it up in order to gain entry into what is most likely the torrid, twisted web of sweat, stink and odor that is her nether regions.

Signs she may be a peeler:

1. Look for the overhang - If her tummy is over the lip of her jeans, thats a no no.
2. Look for loose clothing tucked in then pulled back out of the jean - This could be a potential peel situation, so execute EXTREME CAUTION!
3. Look also for long untucked t shirts - This too a sure sign of something lurking underneath.
4. Watch her as she sits down - If she looks good standing then once in the sit position (good dog) turns into santa clause throw the red flag! Looks can be deceiving.
example:"I had the beer goggles on last night and took this girl home, but I couldn't even get it up when I realized I couldn't even see her poon cause her gut was hanging over it. She was a peeler and I didn't feel like peeling."
by FatBitchKilla April 4, 2008
A "man's man" is the kind of a man that anyone can point to as an example of what men should aspire to be like. A "man's man" has no androgynous features. He is pure man through and though.
(Hypothetical:Sean Connery's eulogy) "Sean's characters represented the pinnacle of what every man inspires to be. Intelligent, courageous, persuasive, confident and the object of womens fantasies. Indeed Sean always played a true man's man."
by FatBitchKilla April 4, 2008