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Similar to a "bitch-ass," a fartbitch is a dislikable female who often farts around people in public.
That damned fartbitch just walked by and now I can't breathe.
by Fart McBitch March 23, 2009

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1. A man's penis that bounces back and forth during an erection and makes silly squeaking noises.

2. A penis with jokes written on it.
1. My silly dick wakes me up every morning.

2. I took a pen to the bathroom to add the punch-line to my silly dick.
by Fart Mcbitch August 20, 2009

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Due to the misinterpretation of a bung as a "butthole," a bungthump is slang for when two or more people, whether of the same gender or not, that are more than acquaintances lay on the ground in a circle on knees and elbows, each facing one another's rears in counter-clockwise direction, and thump the anus of the person in front of them with the middle finger on their right hand. This is commonly practiced at frat parties and backstage for good luck at metal concerts.
Hey man, I hear we missed out on an awesome bungthump at the wedding party Friday.
by Fart McBitch August 20, 2009

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A cross between, or combined use of, shanking and spanking. Usually performed during or after a sexual encounter; in most cases by accident, however, some are out of anger or disappointment at a preceding exchange of sex that just occurred and left one or both participants unhappy and unsatisfied. A person may shpank their partner by spanking them with the sharp end of a knife, thus stabbing them in the butt, and leaving for an incredibly awkward and painful night. A shpank can also be performed on accident by an attempted shanking that missed, due to confusion of butt location due to saggy pants.
Ouch, my girlfriend shpanked me last night and it hurts when I sit down or poop.
by Fart McBitch August 20, 2009

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When you poop out of your weiner and you don't know why.
You think your kidney stone was bad? I had dickstipation for two weeks straight.
by Fart McBitch September 19, 2009

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A move performed during a sexual encounter where you vomit in the female's butthole and she diahrreas on your new jacket.
I like when I get wasted because it's a good opportunity for my girlfriend to drop me a good splasty
by Fart McBitch September 19, 2009

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Greetings exchanged upon one another much like shaking hands but instead of grabbing another mans hand and shaking it you would instead grab his penis.
My school's having a meet and skeet tomorrow; I'll be sure to bring my lotion! :D

Man, I can't believe I forget that man's name with the strong hands at the meet and skeet yesterday.
by Fart McBitch September 19, 2009

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