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It's a choice god dammit. Who cares if someone is a fat churchie, an atheist, skinny or whatever. It doesn't matter. If someone chooses abstinence good for them, if not, shut the fuck up.
Shut the hell up you whiny bastards. Abstinence is a choice that you can't force people to make. And for the sake of argument, I'm still a virgin so you can't say I'm on the side of having sex either.
by Fantastic Dan September 29, 2005

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A great animator from Britain who's "Salad Finger" series has made him sort of an internet phenom. I particularly enjoy his use of drawing on paper then animating it as in "Black and White Cartoon" Series. Genius, one funny fucking genius, and his sick twisted humor is especially funny to me at least.
Me: Let's watch Salad Fingers
Jeff: NO! It creeps me out
Me: Fine, we'll just watch Black and White Cartoon about Berries.
Jeff: Okay then..
Me: David Firth is a genius, where does he come up with this shit?
by Fantastic Dan September 23, 2005

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A phrase made by stupid people trying to be politicly correct, which drives a further gap between races, and religions, classes, etc.
"Happy Holidays" banners in stores should be changed, into a different banner for every holiday. "Merry Christmas!" "Happy Hanukka!" "Joyus Kwanzaa!" "Have a Rockin' Ramadon!", and whatever else I may be forgetting
by Fantastic Dan November 21, 2005

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One of Quentin Tarantino's best movies in my opinion, also, his directorial debut. This movie showcases Tarantino's talents as a director as well as an actor. In every movie he directs, Quentin likes to have a small role.
The movie starts out with 5 men planning to rob a diamond store. It continues with 2 men, Mr. White and Mr. Orange, driving to a rendezvous point with Mr. Orange being shot. It is a great movie and I won't spoil the rest.
Some character names from this movie bleed over into his next big hit, Pulp Fiction, which is also one the greatest, if not the greatest movie ever, in my opinion.
Reservoir Dogs is entertaining though violent.
by Fantastic Dan January 04, 2007

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Musical Television.
Back in the day, a.k.a 1980's, the general rule of thumb was "if your white your right, if your black, stay back" and played a bunch of hair bands. Circa 1990 Nirvana is discovered and they play a metric assload of grunge. Then they realise "oh shit! there's more black people now, we better cater to the next big thing." and play nothing but rap. Then out of Mtv spawned Mtv2 made specificly for rock, since Mtv is all reality shows and rap now, but in time that turned to all rap and reality as well. So out of that came the fuse, and it followed the same path as the other two.
Hey you wanna watch the new killers video on mtv?
Oh wait it's rap, maybe Mtv2.....nope reality. maybe the fuse? oh wait, just more rap..... oh well. maybe i'll just ram a iron wisk in my brain.
Sheeeeeat! It's the new Luda/fiddy cent/missy eliot/brandy/about 50 other rappers video!
by Fantastic Dan September 08, 2005

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pure awesomeness. everyone wants it.
Trish:When are men going to learn? Women want romance, not Mr Toads Wild Ride!

Brodie: Be fair, everyone wants Mr Toad's Wild Ride
by Fantastic Dan December 02, 2005

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A very excellent move. but creator/silent bob Kevin Smith actually hates it.
some guy: Hey! your kevin smith! i've seen all your movies. Clerks, chasing amy, mallrats, jay and silent bob strike back, jersy girl. i loved them all!

Kevin Smith: you liked mallrats? Now i KNOW your crazy

true stuff
by Fantastic Dan December 02, 2005

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