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A secretary, whether male or female, employed on an executive level (rather it be a private corporate or government entity) and invested with authority to represent that entity outside its physical location and abroad.
Hilary Clinton is the perfect example of an Execretary.
by Execaters May 26, 2014
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Below the underground. A place in which to retreat and not be found when seeking prolonged and uninterrupted self-reflection. Also a meditative state of mind in which to lose oneself and escape reality.
The subnether can be any place, physical or mental, in which to zone out.
by Execaters May 26, 2014
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The art and practice of defining and classifying hashtags, using a method similar to the Dewey Decimal System, so that they may be applied and linked in logical and coherent order and context.
Hashmatics is also a practical method for eliminating extraneous search results and redundancy.
by Execaters May 27, 2014
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A hashtag containing an acronym.
#WTH is a hashonym meaning "What The Hell...!"
by Execaters August 22, 2014
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An all-encompassing metaphor for any competitive activity requiring strategy to win. In the urban subculture this usually implies deliberate and premeditated acts of deception and/or the manipulation of the opponent's mind. Somewhat like the art of magic, it is an ability to create something out of nothing, or alter reality at will (in order to win).
by Execaters May 18, 2014
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The slang or coded language used in the sex trade.
Trick: How far are you going?
Sex Worker: Just downtown (freak speak for oral sex only).

Trick: Where can we go?
Sex Worker: Around the world (freak speak for straight, oral AND anal sex).
by Execaters June 27, 2018
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A person or corporate entity that specializes in, or claims to be capable of, helping people fulfill their dreams, fantasies, or deepest aspirations. They are most often empty promises, and the recipients of such services are usually expected to pay a fee in return.
BEWARE of the words: "Come with me and I'll make you famous!" For they are usually uttered from the lips of Dream Merchants.
by Execaters April 24, 2018
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