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A black Quarterback in the National Football League who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

He got insulted by Rush Limbaugh last year and his team has choked in the '01, '02, and '03 NFC Championship games. He recently lost the Super Bowl to the Patriots because of three costly interceptions. But center Hank Fraley says it's cause Donovan had a wittle tummy ache. Awwww...
When the flying fuck are my Eagles gonna win the Super Bowl???
by Evster February 10, 2005
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A rehearsed spinoff of mat wrestling (the competitive sport) but instead takes place inside of a ring and is arguably more deadly/dangerous than any contact sport despite being labeled as "fake" by people who dislike it.
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a pro wrestling icon
by Evster February 10, 2005
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Something that 100% of San Francisco males like to suck.
My penis just juiced itself up!!!
by Evster February 10, 2005
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a fucking loser who hates gay people and needs to get a life.
by Evster February 12, 2005
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A musical diva who has a large gay fanbase.
If you are a male who likes Madonna, chances are you're probably gay.
by Evster February 11, 2005
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When Joey shoves his hard cock up Billy's poopy butt hole and then cums which stimulates Billy's prostate and Billy starts pooping blood out his rear end and Joey's all like "HOT DAMN MUTHAFUCKA THAT TASTES GOOD!!!"
Gay sex is like so yummy oops I'm just kidding hehe.
by Evster February 10, 2005
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A fine young piece of ass that I'd do some naughty things to if I met.
Oooooh Kelly yeah that's right stick it right there baby oooooohhh....
by Evster March 6, 2005
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