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Something so delicious that it stops all other thought processes while being consumed.
The white chocolate mocha's here are flavorgasmic!
by Erin Scott October 21, 2007
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Bulltrue is the opposite of bullshit. Otherwise known as the truth. Normally used as a counter when someone declares, "Bullshit!"
Friend #1: Dude, check out these paparazzi pics of Britney Spears! You can see her box!
Friend #2: Bullshit!!
Friend #1: Bulltrue! Check it out!
by Erin Scott January 17, 2007
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Bed Cred is like having street cred but in the sack. For instance if you pull off a high skill or high risk maneuver such as the shocker, the rear admiral, a threesome or a white sanchez then you've earned some bed cred. Bed cred can also be earned by going above and beyond to please the other partner(s) involved.
Hey man check it, I was with this girl last night and I gave her the shocker and 3 orgasms!

Nice man. I'd say you just earned a healthy chunk of bed cred.
by Erin Scott March 02, 2007
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The state of being covered with sand from the playa at burning man.
Dude, my hair was totally playafied from burning man this year! I had to wash it 3 times to get all the sand out!

My shoes are ruined from burning man this year. They're totally playafied.
by Erin Scott September 18, 2008
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A mexclamation is the exclamation point at the beginning of a sentance in spanish. Used to emphasise power or force.
Boss: Well, Pedro, I know you've worked here for years but due to recent cutbacks we have to let you go.
Pedro: ¡Fuck that I quit!
Boss: Nice use of the mexclamation, but still, ¡You're fired!
by Erin Scott June 01, 2007
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The permanent state of a typically gargantuan camel toe.
Have you seen Sally's cameltoe man?

Who hasn't? She's got a perma toe!
by Erin Scott March 02, 2007
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Something so awesome that it upsets your body's natural order and makes you splooge instantaneously.
Ex #1
Vicks: Check out my new guitar man isn't it killer?
Wedge: Ya man, I instasplooged when I saw it.

Ex #2
Vicks: That girl I was with last night was so hot! I instaslpooged as soon as I got inside her!

by Erin Scott April 04, 2008
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