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a pork bun is a chinese dim sum food served usually in between lunch and breakfast. It is served in a wooden circular box with a metal holey bottom. The porkbun in chinese is called Chasewbao pronounced (sha-shu-bow) It is a white bun and in the center is BBQued pork that is red. A prokbun looks like Pucca's punching glove and is also Daniel tong's sn! if you are asian you have to know what it is. it is by far the most popular and yummiest dim sum item on the menu!
Erica points at the sticker and asks that a PORK BUN?!?! (in a confused voice) and chantel replies..NO thats a PUNCHING GLOVE!!
by Erica April 24, 2005
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(see 'kadir') small chinese delicasy
"hey Kadir you pork bun! you want blackbean sauce with that?"
by tiggr August 14, 2003
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