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(n.) Town in central Michigan. Home to many dirty people and a few homeless guys. This town is best known for it's superior scent and bountiful asparagus harvests.
Lets hit the road to Owosso.
by Eric S March 20, 2005

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Smaller than the foreskin, but longer than a twoskin. What you call your foreskin after you put it in a meat grinder. It's usually associated with an onion odor.
Wow Grandma that is some fine tasting threeskin.
by Eric S March 23, 2005

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(n.) short for the noun business. Or black man's jizz.
Hes the best in the bizz
by Eric S March 20, 2005

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I am unfamiliar with the marijuana use of this definition. I have only heard this word in reference to free schwag.. ie stuff you win at a bike race or similar event.
Yeah, 5 reps were at the national championships givin' out free schwag--and I scored a free ...
by Eric S March 02, 2005

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Abbreviation for 'Don't fuck with". To be used as a label placed on objects or areas in which the owner does not want others to perturb, alter, or otherwise disturb.
I was going to surf the internet on Bob's computer today but I didn't because he placed a DFW note on the keyboard.
by Eric S June 19, 2003

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(v.) To place a cigar cutter in a female's sex organ followed by intercourse. When she orgasms you weiner gets sliced off.
Oh man, last night was so good, i have the best Cigar Cutter
by Eric S March 20, 2005

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