1. A day in which the true fans of George Lucas' series celebrate by recreating lightsaber duels, watching all six movies, and playing Star Wars video games.

2. May 25th, since almost nothing having to do with Star Wars happened on the 4th. On the 25th, the original movie came out, AND It's the real Star Wars Day of L.A., whereas the 4th is unofficial entirely. A Star Wars book was published on the 4th. That's it. The book wasn't even that good.
Wanna-be Star Wars Geek: May the 4th be with you is funny, so that's Star Wars Day!
REAL Star Wars Geek: FUCK YOU!! Stupid ignorant shit! Go on Wookieepedia.com, look up May 4th, and THEN look up May 25th!! You'll see that MANY more Star Wars events happened on the 25th, you dumbass Nerf Herder!
by Starwarsgeek133 May 17, 2010
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Falls on 4th of May every year because of how much 'May the fourth' sounds like 'may the force'.
It is a day in which everyone watches and appreciates each and every Star Wars film.
Happy Star Wars Day!
Ahh, why thank you! May the fourth be with you.
And also with you.
by I P4P4MURF I May 04, 2010
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Celebrated on the 4th of May, this day is sectioned off to nerds and their favorite sci-fi movie, Star Wars. On this day, the are allowed to openly worship Luke Skywalker and state to other believes, "May the fourth be with you!"
A famous quote from the movie is "May the force be with you", so saying "May the FOURTH be with you" on Star Wars Day is puny.
by ThatPersonWithTheFace May 20, 2012
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