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Used as an exclamation. Can be used in suprise, or in excitement. Is usually used when referring to something happening to someone else, as in a put-down.
From the phrase "Oh Bust!" which was used when one party would verbally bust on another and the bystander would say "Oh Bust". It has morphed from "Oh Bust" to "Oh Bus" to "Bus" to "Busticle", or "Oh Busticle".
Jeff (speaking to Mike): Why dont you answer your phone, you are lazy as Sanders.

Eli: Oh Busticle!! <pointing and laughing>
by Elijah April 11, 2005

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A person who knows virtually everything there is to know about computers, programming, and the Internet; technically inclined person.
It's like Joey lives in the computer, he's such an uber geek.
by Elijah January 09, 2004

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One of the most active members of Whimit.com, a Russian online community of some 30,000 teenagers from the Tri-State area. He can be found on the Whimit.com forums where he shares somewhat distinct views with his fellow peers. Being older than the rest of the members, he’s acknowledged as one of the driving forces of the Whimit.com community as a whole and is renowned for his sharp tongue and clear thinking.
Calling on Ascetics: Is there anyone in here who does not feel horny, lascivious and lustful?

Same as kleptomania, when sick bastards steal for no reason. Now, you want to protect those people too and give them all the legal rights to steal? Why not?

How did you figure that out? I think it's wrong-wrong. And I'm not talking about the platonic type of love here.

And I learned one more lesson - don't ask questions to get a YES if you know the answer will be a NO. Because if you hear the NO-NO part, it will make you mad and upset that you were stupid enough to start asking.

Do I give a fuck about reading a FAQ that you've written? No!

I write this because I think about you and about what you are doing. I miss you. I tell everybody how much I like you. Why don't you come to me and talk to me face to face? Are you embarrassed? Are you scared? Are you disgusted? Are you out of you mind?!

The note of sarcasm in your last sentence was necessary. Nobody wants to admit that we actually do ask for something from people that can be thought as our enemies.
by Elijah March 24, 2004

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someone adhering to or sponsoring the belief that Star Trek will become reality trekkertrekkie
The kertrats really freaked me out
by Elijah January 28, 2003

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Pissed My Pants, You're So Funny
Screen name 1: So I bit her!

Screen name 2:pmpysf
by Elijah March 18, 2004

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An operating system like Windows or Macintosh, owned by Linus Torvaldis, who is obsessed with penguins. His "mascot" dude is a penguin named Tux.
Linux has some cool games and programs.
by Elijah January 09, 2004

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