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She is the beauty and grace of a summers breeze. Her limbs are but perfection and her love is deep like the roots of an ancient tree. She is a gift to this earth as the warm rays of the sun. Her hands full of truth and justice; joy and thought. Her smile the breadth a field of chamomile and clover. She will plant seeds in you and humanity will blossom. Roses will bloom in her footsteps throughout all of her days.
Mother Earth : Where does the sun go in the night?
The Moon : Tajah holds it in her pocket.
by Ejoy January 28, 2013
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She is deeply connected with the earth and animals. She is a free spirit who blesses those with her presence. She is a goddess of poetry, art , and positive creation. She is a deep well of comfort and love. She is indigo and gold. She operates on a higher plane of understanding. She will change the world as we know it.
Mother Earth : Humans are in reverse evolution, so unconnected and confused. I need more Jaylas.
by Ejoy January 27, 2013
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1. Used to describe something very good or rated highly as a favourite.

2. Used to describe something by someone who over reacts and says things are way better than they actually are.
1. That experience was the best thing ever.

2. Person A "Did you like the present I sent you?"
Person B "OMG I LOVE IT, it's the BEST THING EVER"

by Ejoy May 31, 2006
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