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Tajah is beautiful and loves to sleep. Tajah doesn't give a fuck about anybody say about her because she knows that bitches will never touch her. Tajah is funny, kind, goofy and caring and always tries to be there for the people she loves. She Is also spoiled asf but she is very grateful for everything she has.
Damn Tajah bad asf 😏
by Baddie91 March 13, 2017
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She is the beauty and grace of a summers breeze. Her limbs are but perfection and her love is deep like the roots of an ancient tree. She is a gift to this earth as the warm rays of the sun. Her hands full of truth and justice; joy and thought. Her smile the breadth a field of chamomile and clover. She will plant seeds in you and humanity will blossom. Roses will bloom in her footsteps throughout all of her days.
Mother Earth : Where does the sun go in the night?
The Moon : Tajah holds it in her pocket.
by EJoy January 27, 2013
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sexy classy determined chick. knows where she is going in life and will let no one get in her way.
anybody named tajah! duh!
by tajah August 25, 2008
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A slutbucket at Rich East. She's light skinned, ugly, and has rat furr on her head.
Me: OMG! Thre's that slutbucket girl.
Girl: Who Tajah?
Me: Yeah!
by kenken99 August 08, 2016
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