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Matlock was a repeat, so we scronked instead.
by ERock May 15, 2004
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To make something work that shouldn't work with the knowledge an average human processes. Super human brain powers are required for such tasks.
Jimmy rig-ninered the TV to pull in Mexican Wrestling with rabbit feet he bought at the circus from a bearded woman.
by Erock June 28, 2004
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A business practice or action solely done for the purpose of appearances statistically and appeasing management.
Categorizing completely unstarted, undone work as "in progress" or "under investigation" is humping the stat monkey.

After that move we're balls deep in the stat monkey.
by Erock April 15, 2004
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Smoking Weed, preferably from a water bong. Used when you are out on public and want to tell your friends you want to go smoke.
Dude, let's go talk to Carl and see what he has to say.
by Erock January 08, 2004
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Teeth that are round and have no sharp edges.
She doesn't scrape cause she has cock teeth.
by Erock January 08, 2004
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urban vernacular for "can you comprehend what im saying?" or "do you understand what i mean?"

can be attached to the end of any statement, especially if you make rap music or play basketball.
"Wathchu mean my weed ain't bomb? Dis shit be da Chronic, knahimean?"
by erock March 13, 2004
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One who Hovers, constantly looking over your shoulder while you are typing something on the computer or who is always wondering what you are doing. (kinda like right now, to your left!)
I am hoverdale watch this! hover hover hover hover.
by eRock March 08, 2004
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