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Dylan: Pardon my friend he has tight-space-phobia.
Dewey: CLAUSTROPHOBIA! And you have acrophobia!

Dylan: 😱the fear of acronyms
by EFJ December 14, 2020
Dylan: pardon my friend he suffers from tight-space-phobia.
by EFJ December 14, 2020
Deweys are super sweet. If you are a Dewey’s girlfriend, he will do anything to protect you, even risking his own life.

He’s addicted to Mtn Dew and his friends call him Dew because of it.

He explodes things so much that his brown hair has a little floof.
Phillip: hey who’s that?
Dylan: Dewey. He drinks a lot of Mtn Dew. Sprite is better
by EFJ November 14, 2020
Welcome to Heroia!”
by EFJ November 3, 2020
A girl who has a lot of spirit. She is very sweet. She’s the first one to talk in a group. She’s not afraid to let her thoughts be known. She loves sports and breaks many thing in the house doing trick shots. She is always left behind when her parents have to do work.
Person 1) Gosalyn is really good at hockey.

Person 2) That’s my girlfriend!!!
by EFJ November 3, 2020
Why do you drink Mtn Dew?
by EFJ November 5, 2020