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Any of the following:

1. Old-style slang for an edible snack or morsel
2. Sexual favors provided to one by their significant other(s)
3. Code-jive for psychoactive drugs, both in general and any one specific drug (depending on the demographic).
Steven: Hey man, I'm hungry, I want to go get some treats
Jared: Treats?
Jared: As in food or drugs? Or...?
Steven: Food. What, there's more than one meaning?
Jared: Yeah some people use it when looking for their next fix on the street.
Jordan: I had no idea...


Brandon: I want some treats too!
Steven, Jared, Jordan: *laugh*
Brandon: What?
Steven, Jared, Jordan: Nothin'...
*laugh again*
by duodsg August 15, 2008
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The squirming and "oh shit/snap/damn/etc" moan from any individual or group, verbally or in thought, when viewing an instance of one's groin area being subjected to physical pain, or hearing of a story describing such an instance.

Usually applies to hearing or viewing stories describing your same gender, but can also be universal.
"Dude, did you hear what happened to James at Bogart's yesterday?"
"Naw, fill us in bro"
"He decided to start crowd surfing, and as he did some asshole punched him in the 'nads"
Everyone: "OH DAAYUUUMMM!"- as they cross their legs, bend over as if to protect their crotch, squint their eyes
"I have nothing but crotch sympathy for James right now..."
by duodsg September 06, 2008
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Generic term referring to any muscle which, upon closer inspection, turns out to be flab.
"You better hit up the gym, Luke...your geltoids need some serious work."


"Who do you think you're kidding, Matt? Those aren't muscles...they're just geltoids."
by DuoDSG November 23, 2008
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A combination of the words "gross" and "nasty", it is an adjective that goes above and beyond both terms. Can be applied to the hygene of an individual, food products, or any other situation where such a description is necessary.

Very similar to how "fugly" describes something exceedingly unattractive, using a combination of two words.
Jake: When I came in just now, I smelled the nastiest stench as I walked into our apartment. It was like a combination of Febreeze, ramen noodles, some other food and dust.
Jared: Let me smell it to see if I can find out what it is.
Jared: Oh man, that is just grossty.
by duodsg November 05, 2009
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Any activity (or group of activities) specifically designed to bring men together and allow them to remasculate (return to normal testosterone levels).

Every man needs Manrichment, as extended contact with the opposite sex may leave one drained and in need of some time to "recharge" with fellow men. As such, it is a male-only event and females need not ask if they can attend.

The term "Manrichment" is derived from the word "Enrichment", a term used by females to describe activities in which they meet and bond over all things female.
Guy's Night Out, sporting events, shooting guns, rock concerts, camping and going to a restaurant to eat copious amounts of meat are all excellent examples of Manrichment.
by duodsg June 10, 2009
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