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Through friendship or a mutual fondness two persons engage in sexual gratification with one another. The aim of fuck-buddies is to receive all the benefits of being in a relationship with another person but not having to deal with any of the downsides of a relationship e.g. commitment, listening to their feelings, caring.
However fuck-buddies can often complicate matters as over time one of the partnership may become overly fond of the other and begin to develope feelings. This is in direct violation of fuck-buddy law. The only thing that should pass between fuck-buddies is fluid, no emotion whatsoever.
"Hey want to be my fuck-buddy?"
"Boy do I!?"
"Good...now strip"
by Duncan Barron February 08, 2008

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Pronounced : Paw-pour-gee

An orgy of poo. Generally involves 50 people with full bowels and one small asian woman in a bathtub. Is considered quite a messy scene. Some pooporgies are conducted in an attempt to fill the bathtub to the brim with phoeces.
"Hey man want to come to a pooporgy?"
"What's a pooporgy?"
"Come with me...come with me"
by Duncan Barron February 20, 2008

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The white and uncool rapper. Often found in their friends bedrooms making videos for youtube these young prospectless fools will spout mispronounced and poorly constructed lyrics that attempts to portray them as figures of legend and notoriety, where in fact they are simply young gents who having consumed too much white lightning realised that some words when put together can rhytme, however in the process of forming their so called 'raps' they simply use whatever words that rhytme with one another even going to the extent of making words up in order to fit their so called rhytming scheme. These lads will also take pictures of themselves wearing scarves across their faces and holding various implements e.g. baseball bats, gold clubs or rusty and poorly made bladed weapons. This is another attempt to look menacing and 'hard'. This only affects elderly women with poor eyesight and weak bladders.
"Ere min check oot me bangin' tunes!"
*Poorly dressed and jakey looking lad proceeds to 'rap'*
"Well that sounded purely awful. Please tell me that was a joke?"
"Ere i'l fuckin 'ave you ye posh bastard!"
"Please go away, you annoy me immensely you little Wapper"
by Duncan Barron February 07, 2008

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When a woman is on her period the man rubs his head between her legs trying to cover as much of his face as he can in her juicy blood. Once this is done he proceeds to kiss her and she tries to lick as much of it off him as she can. If she vomits upon his face she must consume this also.
A pastime of lesbians around the globe.
"Beth's on her flow"
"Yeah, so blowjob week?"
"Nah man we can Gingerface it's awesome!"
by Duncan Barron February 06, 2008

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