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A 'game' where redheads rub their hair into the faces of other people, either redheads themselves or norms. Normally this is a game of stealth, surprising the unwitting victim at inappropriate moments. It is a celebration of being ginger.
I was attacked in a game of gingerface. Again.
by shaznic May 04, 2009
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Typically, a person with ginger hair, will have the *ginger face*. Its basically the face where even if they were hairless you could look at them and say, yep, they're ginger. Characterised by pale skin and many freckles. Eyebrows play a factor also.

However, it isn't just ginger people who have this face. Those unlucky enough to have the *ginger face* and have black hair for example, can also be at the tail end of the "Fuck off ginger features!" insult.

Many regard this as a very bad trait, especially if hair doesnt match.
Oh my god did you just see that guy? Totally had a ginger face.

by Tompaz September 07, 2007
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When one wears makeup to appear to be a ginger. Similar to blackface. Offensive to the ginger community.
I was highly offended when he came to the party dressed in gingerface.
by IfIHadANickle September 14, 2017
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the term used to describe when someone's face turns as red as a ginger's hair.
Person A: *turns extremely red*

Person B: Dude! You're so red! You're a gingerface!

Person A: *turns redder*
by heylookcupcakes! October 28, 2009
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When a woman is on her period the man rubs his head between her legs trying to cover as much of his face as he can in her juicy blood. Once this is done he proceeds to kiss her and she tries to lick as much of it off him as she can. If she vomits upon his face she must consume this also.
A pastime of lesbians around the globe.
"Beth's on her flow"
"Yeah, so blowjob week?"
"Nah man we can Gingerface it's awesome!"
by Duncan Barron February 06, 2008
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