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In April of 2003, two large figureheads in gaming, Squaresoft and Enix, merged to make Square Enix.

Instead of wearing yourself out with that useless and silly extra syllable, you can slam the words together at a high speed in order to condense them into the word \"Squeenix\", and by my extensive testing, people will know what you\'re talking about, unless they have no idea who you are, or don\'t play video games.
\"Dude! I\'m so tired of companys that think they\'re better because they have two names instead of one!\" \"Dude! That\'s like, 6 companys, get over it.\" \"Yea, but what about Square Enix? You hear their name ALL THE FREAKING TIME!\" \"Ok, fine, then call them Squeenix.\" \"I\'d usually hit you with something, but I enjoy the word Squeak, and don\'t get to use it enough, so for once, I\'d be happy to compensate.\" \"Good, now help me set fire to my FFX-2 disc.\"
by DragonicUser April 26, 2005
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A plethora of suckage going on in your vicinity.
"My harddrive just caught fire..." "Suck fest."
by DragonicUser February 5, 2005
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A moment of intense, unfiltered joy or passion, with or without sexual thoughts/feelings involved.
"There was a simultaneous joygasm when the tour group was allowed to pass the area where there has been a pile of corpses shortly prior to their visit after a wait of 6 hours."
by DragonicUser February 3, 2005
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"Alt+tab and contralete when you're playing a game and check if you're using all of that Virtual Memory you set your comp to use."
by DragonicUser February 5, 2005
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