2 definitions by Dragon Ninja

It's a female genetelia, namely when you "lose control" of it on someone. The 10 point can see through your pants. Once it sees some meat, it could take evasive action. Start sending messages to your brain like GPS signals. "Turn left. Walk forward. Grab the meat. Fuck the meat. Rinse and repeat..."
You might wanna stay away from me when I'm dangerously bored. My 10 point's got a mind of its own...
by Dragon Ninja January 17, 2008
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1) phrase that you insert, along with the word "who", before an action that someone had better not do if they don't want their ass kicked.

2) A sentence that you say right after someone else says they're going to do something you know aint gonna happen.
1) I pity the fool who eats the last cookie.

2) Some dude: Hey I'm just gonna eat this cookie here...

Me: I pity the fool.
by Dragon Ninja December 15, 2008
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