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Term used to define a goomba's testicles in a Super Mario game. Can also be used to describe opponents in a Nintendo game that features Mario, or to describe related characters, even including females, such as Peach, Daisy, etc.
1: "Time to kick some goomballs in New Super Mario Bros!"
2: "Finally, I kicked Bowser's goomballs once and for all!"
3: "Look out NOA Dave, I'm about to bust your goomballs in Mario Kart DS!"
by Dr. BaconStein August 03, 2006
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A band of femi-nazis hell-bent on hypnotizing everyone into liking their music with complete disregard of the angry and sexist lyrics. First formed in 1990 and 'led' by Beyonce Knowles. Their songs are often derogitory towards males and steretype them for being cheap, cheating, lying, and being all-around assholes in general. Which, of course, is not the truth. They also seem to break up every now and then due to Beyonce's solo attitude. However, this can be overlooked by their Philanthropist actions towards events such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Person 1: "What do you think of the singers in Destiny's Child?"
Person 2: "The look sexy and the background music's nice, but the lyrics are shit.
by Dr. BaconStein August 15, 2006
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Site where members can either post their art, or easily steal and/or edit somebody else's. Accounts are often deleted because of silly copyright rules (similar to that of YouTube). Among the various theives in the community, there are also a lot of brainless fanboys and fangirls running around like fucktards. Abbreviated form is "DA".
Person 1: "Do you have a DeviantART account?"
Person 2: "Fuck no! Why would I? So there can be a bunch of fangirls and art theives running wild?"
by Dr. BaconStein August 16, 2006
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The ultimate haven for emos and 50-year old perverts/predators. Several celebrities have their own pages, but it's definately not worth signing up for.
Acronymns of "MySpace" include: Crap, Shit, Garbage, Junk, Ego War
by Dr. BaconStein August 16, 2006
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Rediculous 50 bigots in the universe who say that everything from Japan is superior JUST because it's from Japan, and everything elsewhere (mainly American) is horrible. They tend to bash America in every way possible, and blame America for 'ruining' things such as anime and videogames with minor things such as poor voice-acting skills. There is a big difference between otakus, hermits, and people that are actually interested in the country of Japan for it's cultural value. The difference is that all otakus do is complain about how Japan does not rule the world and how they believe that everything Japanese is perfect. People, usually otakus, however, tend to get these words confused, unfortunately. They act as Japanese as possible when they really aren't, but it really just makes them look even more retarded. Idiots.
Perfect example of something you'd hear from an otaku: "lol im an otaku and i preffer subbed anime than dubbed anime bcause itz more japaneeese and america ruinz everything even tho i phail 2 understand japanese"
by Dr. BaconStein August 04, 2006
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Slang term used for "yes". Commonly used in chatrooms and on AIM.
Conversationalist #1: "You know that Urban Dictionary place?"
Conversationalist #2: "You mean the one with those cool slang terms?"
Conersationalist #1: "Yarsh."
by Dr. BaconStein August 04, 2006
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