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The act of rimming your partner's anal region, while pulling on their tampon string. Ultimately, simulating a hot air balloon ride.
Kala had a rough night, period cramps and emotions raging, so I took her ballooning last night, and she thanked me all morning.

Since Kala was on her period, I hot air ballooned her to give her both vaginal and anal pleasure.
by Dr Bary December 10, 2011
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Verb. The act of immediately febrezing your asshole following a wet fart.
Carrie febranaled her butt after farting and clearing out the room.

Ryan febranaled after his unsuccessful wipe.

Kala had febranal thoughts following sharting in her favorite jeans, unsure of the substance.

Garrett febranaled often due to his deminished sphincter tone, a bidet wouldn't do it justice.
by Dr Bary February 12, 2012
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When 3 or more people gather together on the sabbath with purely non sexual intentions.
I went strictly professional on that bitch last Sunday.

It was Sunday, and we were bored, so a few girls and I ate small pickles and exfoliated in bed for 6 hours, strictly professional indeed.
by Dr Bary February 12, 2012
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The process of resting post squirrelling, gaining the strength to carry on.
Ryan nested hard following a long sexual episode.

I love nesting with Kala after a nice blowjob, she enjoys cuddling.

Carrie and I nested following some intense squirrelling.
by Dr Bary February 12, 2012
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verb. Sexual activity between two or more people in a hyper squirrel like manner.
It was a cold rainy day, so Kala and I squirrelled by the fire and then nested the rest of the night.

The way those two look at each other, they must squirrel like champions.

Ryan drove off the road while dry squirrelling, distracted by the size of her camel toe.

The two young kids were dry squirrelling to a Whitney Houston song, to avoid abortion expenses.
by Dr Bary February 12, 2012
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One who fornicates with another, fully aware that they will soon be moving away to be with their girlfriend/boyfriend.
I hate being such a gritter, but he's so good in bed!
by Dr Bary November 19, 2011
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