A phrase used to signify a secondary round of bowel movements; usually occuring withing 3-5 minutes of wiping, flushing, and washing the hands.
Danny had just closed the bathroom door when his stomach rumbled again, causing him to turn around and say "uh-oh, round two..."
by mr. 123 February 4, 2010
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A (mostly) required action taken to jump into another round of intercourse. Think of a pool floaty that’s been thoroughly used over the course of a party; it needs to be blown again to make it nice and pumped up and stiff to enjoy some more.
Bro 1: “All of her friends found out I can last more than 1 round.”
Bro 2: “How did they figure that out? What’s your secret?”
Bro 1: “It’s not really a secret, she just gave me that Round Two Suck Start.”
by Jigglesack December 21, 2022
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