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1) Language spoken by geeks, such as computer programmers or tech support, which uses standard English words combined with technical jargon, such that the Geeks can understand each other, but to the end user, it sounds like a foreign language.

2) Use of standard English in a formatted text file, such as XML, such that it is difficult to understand, yet it sill uses standard English words, which only Geeks can understand

The guy from the help desk was here to fix your computer. I don't know what was wrong with it. Even though he told me what the problem was, he was speaking Geeklish, and I didn't understand a word.
by Dooley Noted March 11, 2009
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Semispam is a name for the tons of email messages that fill your inbox, but you never read.

They're not Spam -- Instead, these are messages such as bill notificatiions, confirmations, weekly blogs that you mean to read but never do.
Dude, why didn't you reply to my email?

"Oh, I'm sorry, it must have gotten mixed up with all the semispam in my inbox."
by Dooley Noted April 25, 2010
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S-mail is like e-mail, but there is no body, and the entire message is conveyed using only the subject line.

Usually practiced using mobile devices (Blackbery, etc)
here's an example of a typical S-MAIL converstaion.

From: Johnny
To: Mary
Subject: Want to hit McDonald's for lunch?



From: Mary
To: Johnny
Subject: Sure, what time do you want to go?


From: Johnny
To: Mary
Subject: Let's go at 1:00

by Dooley Noted February 14, 2009
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