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Phat does mean Pretty Hot And Tempting, like the other definitions say. The problem with "phat" is that it is no longer in really. It has kind of phased out and is mostly used by wannabes, lowerclassmen in high school, or middle schoolers. It is now considered a slang faux pas. I wouldn't use it if I was you.
14 year old: "That's phat man."
22 year old: "Um, dude, that word got old in the late '90s"
by Doobie Smokes You December 14, 2004

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Cockblocker: 1. (noun) a female friend who accompanies another female friend to planned meetings with a male peer, to ensure that the sista does not get into trouble;
2. (Noun) a male who interferes with another male's attempt to freak the woman whom the former either wishes to protect as a friend, or is already pursuing himself;
3. (Verb) to cockblock: basically, to interfere, by way of one's mere presence, with the attempt of one person to freak another
1. Jill "Jane, I really need you to come along tonight as my cockblocker so I don't do anything I would later regret.
Jane "Sure"
2. I made my move toward that hottie Jennifer with the thought of grinding with her. That cockblocker Alex cut in and got it first.
3. Alex cockblocks all the time
by Doobie Smokes You December 02, 2004

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Contrary to popular belief, the X in X-Mas was not made up by the secular heathens in California (no attack intended). X-Mas was a shorter version of Christmas, first used in Europe around the 1500s. In Greek, Christ's name started with an X, Xristos. Thus, it is literally, "Christ-mas", or "Christ's Mass".
X-mas = Christmas
So, you are not offending God when you say Xmas.
by Doobie Smokes You December 06, 2004

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It's in St. Louis DANGIT!!!

Anyway, it is a rather prestigious university, yet no one really knows about it, especially on the West Coast. A vast majority of the students are from the East Coast and IL, ID, et cetera. It is a very fine university that is probably on the level right under Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the like. Basically, it is most likely the "best" university in the Midwest.
Bob went to Washington University in St. Louis, which is among the most esteemed universities in the country. (Note: Author did not attend "Wash U")
by Doobie Smokes You April 23, 2005

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Well, because I created a link to here from came, I figured I better define cummed right. Cummed is the past tense of cum, plain and simple. If you wish to see my arguments, go look up came.
Marshall cummed while watching the Sin City movie trailer.


Last night Steve cummed after Mona gave him an awesome handjob.
by Doobie Smokes You May 11, 2005

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1) verb- Drop a glock (or drop the glock, or whatever) has a similar meaning to bust a cap. The word comes from the streets. Gangstas in some areas will tuck or strap a handgun, usually a nine or glock, in their sleeve, up by their shoulder. If a situation arises where a gun is needed, the gangsta can snap his arm in a downward motion, thus freeing the gun and letting it slide down into his/her hand. Now the gangsta is ready to bust a cap.

2) verb- Used as a threat implying that the person is willing to do what the above definition describes.
The rival gang member pulled out a nine so Jon was forced to drop a glock to protect himself.

Fool : "Man, your momma is fat."
P.I.M.P. : "Yo Fool, don't make me drop a glock on you!"
by Doobie Smokes You May 07, 2005

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Leg warmers are those awful things that chicks used to wear around their ankles in the '80s. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. Rumors have it that they are coming back. Put it simply, I hope they don’t. I am sure it is just a quick/dying fad….

Ask someone who was in high school during that period. They can hook you up with all the leg warmer info that you want.
Leg wamers are bad. enough said...
by Doobie Smokes You January 22, 2005

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