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Bendable is an adjective that is usually used by males (guys) to describe a chick they feel is good enough to have sex with. Being bendable doesn't necessarily make a chick hot. Being bendable just means that, if you asked or if the guy got the chance, he would bone you. So, in a sense, if you are not "bendable" you must be pretty ugly or messed up.
*Hot chick walks by*
Guy 1: "That chick is bendable, man."
*Okay-looking chick walks by*
Guy 2: "Yeah, she's bendable too."
*Fat, nasty, old chick walks by*
Guy 3: "Dude, she is NOT bendable. I'd never hit that."
by Doobie Smokes You January 28, 2005

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1) ISP stands for Internet Service Provider aka the company that supplies you with your internet, drr.

2) ISP also stands for I Smell Pussy. You can write this whenever someone online is being a pussy and won't do something.
1) "What's your ISP? Maybe that's why your connection is so slow."

2) Massa J: "Let's go play some CS:S"
Doobie: " I can't man, I have homework."
Massa J: "ISP"
by Doobie Smokes You January 30, 2005

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1. Stand for Evil Testing Satan! (or, if you want to be correct, Educational Testing Service. They make such crap as the SAT and others like it. Although a universal and standardized test is needed, surely there can be something better than the SAT. (The ACT is made by another company so it is much better but it could use some work too, although not nearly the same amount)
I have to take the SAT put on by the Evil Testing Satan!!!!
by Doobie Smokes You February 05, 2005

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This pharse refers to moving up in rank within a particular field or business. If someone "climbs the corporate ladder" to the top, they started out at the bottom (stockboy, mail clerk, etc) and ended up at the top (CEO, CFO, vice pres., etc.)
Tim lived the American Dream. He started out as a desk clerk and climbed the corporate ladder to the top. He is now a CEO in the same field that he had started out in.
by Doobie Smokes You December 11, 2004

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Came is the past tense of come, which means to move toward something (and various other things). It is not, however, the past tense of cum. The past tense of cum is cummed. Look at the word hang. When you hang somebody (as in a form of execution), you hanged them, not hung them. Same goes for cum. It is a different word and meaning so it is cum, cummed, cumming, will cum, et cetera.
I came over to Erin's house last night and played video games.
by Doobie Smokes You May 11, 2005

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Probably originated in internet chat rooms by morons with no lives. Stands for "Lets talk again" and considered very lame by most. Commonly used when signing off and mostly by those who rape the English language with excessive shorthand.
Cool Dude: "Alright, later man."
Lame raper: "lta"
Cool Dude: "WTF"
by Doobie Smokes You November 18, 2004

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While TFB probably does have a lot of definitions, Team Flash Bang is the fastest growing usage. It is when someone in an online game such as CS throws a flash bang grenade and blinds his teammates and thus leading to their unfortunate death. It can be done by accident by morons or on purpose by jerks.
Player 1: "Agg. I can't see. Don't TFB!"

Newbie: "Whaaa??? How do you play this game?"
Jerk: "Muhahahhahahahha"
by Doobie Smokes You February 04, 2005

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