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When a carpenter is hammering a nail into some wood and the head of his hammer misses the nail and hits the surrounding wood, it makes a small depression there in the shape of the hammer head. That is a Chicago Rosette.
1) Careful on that last piece of oak there boys, we don't want the customer seeing any Chicago Rosettes.

2) Who's the dumbshit who left a Chicago Rosette on that moulding?!
by Don Garb July 13, 2005
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Short for hooter hoister or a bra.
1) Damn, check out the hooter hoister on that one!

2) Ready yet honey?
Hang on, I'm just putting on my hoister.
by Don Garb July 13, 2005
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Significantly attractive breasts on a slender female hottie that already has gorgeous legs, ass, and torso.
"Dude check out the hot ass on that babe!"

(Girl turns around and her pretty breasts are now visible.)

"Oh my god! She's even got bonus!"
by Don Garb July 14, 2005
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