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The radioactive emoji.
An emoji meant to represent human toxicity.
"The community community is so ☢️"
by DoggoBind August 16, 2021
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When you forget how to spell adequately. Don't worry, mistakes happen.
"I'm trying to remember how to spell adiquitly."
"You mean adequately?"
by DoggoBind July 6, 2021
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In skateboarding, a funbox is a structure built for skating. A funbox is a raised platform that usually has a ramp on the front and back, and sometimes a ledge on one side and or a handrail down the middle.
"Hey Bob, wanna go skate that funbox today?"
by DoggoBind October 28, 2021
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1. When you forgot about the word 'erotic'
2. The masculine version of the word 'erotic'
"Bruh that stuff on your computer was bonerific ."
"Don't you mean erotic?"
"Oh yeah forgot the word for it."
by DoggoBind December 20, 2020
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