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Performing Sexual favors to raise a grade.
Mactaggart boned ms. Wojtas for some Sextra Credit.
by DirtyD November 28, 2004

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1)To leave a place, usually a party, where fun is being had against ones will.

2)The opposite of being scooped.
"Aw, man, I have class tomarrow at 7, I gotta datskat."
"Weak as kunkel."
by dirtyd September 13, 2006

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A specific variation of the act of coppulation, where as the contributing party (usually being male) assumes a saddled position over the receiving party (usually female or sometimes domestic animal) and proceeds to "give the dog a bone" rectally.
I owned it, backdoor bone dog 180 tailside powerslide grab and rode it all the way to town.
by DirtyD November 04, 2004

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A prank phone call where the prankster gets a jar of Crisco and inserts his penis into it. He then holds the phone up to it so the person on the other end hears the phfffk noise made. Often used to pick up on hot bitches.
Phone: Ring Ring Ring
Prankee: Hello
Prankster: Phfffk Phffk Phffk
Prankee: What the fuck? You are a totally hot mother fucker. Would you like to go out some time?
Prankster: Hell Yeah
by DirtyD June 17, 2004

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A drinking game that goes as follows:
The contestant chugs a beer and has to run around the house/apartment building/party establishment and stops running once he/she touches the keg from which he chugged. The challenge is that ppl fill a beer bong for as long as you're gone, and then you drink what was filled upon touching the keg.
Oh man, this kid's gonna puke. He's going around the world.
by DirtyD March 10, 2005

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