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A genius. The greatest game designer who has ever lived. Inventor of Mario and Legend of Zelda. Without him, Nintendo probably would have gone bankrupt. See god
A Miyamoto quote (this might not be exactly right): "What if everything you see is more than what you see. What if the person next to you is a warrior, and the empty space is a doorway into another world? What if something happens that shouldn't? You either ignore it, or accept that there is more to this world than you know. Prehaps it really is a doorway, and if you choose to go through, you will find many unexpected things.
by Diablo April 17, 2004

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Hero of Morrowind regardless of choices made at the begining of the game, destined to kill Dagoth Ur
The Nerevarine is a prophetic myth
by Diablo June 19, 2006

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A interesting and mysterious man who neither a bar, nor a hole, yet is capable of feats that astound the world. Also rumored to be a secret agent.
Once a millenium, as the heavenly bodies line up and the sun is forgotten, a plague of evil claims the land. As the people prey for a defender, a spark of hope can be found, for the bar has been cast unto the hole, and a champion has been born. Such is the barhole.
by diablo December 04, 2003

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A Word Used To Describe Really Really Ugle People Often Used Describing A Person Beyond Just Ugly
OMG What An Uggo!
by Diablo February 21, 2003

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Taking an old dirty sock with you into an alley. Quickly shitting in it. Then proceed to run out of the alley and slap someone with the shit filled sock.
"His face smelled like shit having been hit with a dirty chocko socko"
by Diablo June 06, 2003

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Legend of GFX. Nuff sed?
OlympicZero, god of GFX.
by Diablo January 13, 2005

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A complete dumbass. The ultimate form of n00b.
You're such a VGK.
by Diablo May 01, 2003

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