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A city in VA, but really it is a generalization for any large suburb on the east coast. Many of the people there lack creativity and imagination or feel they are not responsible for entertaining themselves. If they are bored they will blame it on the city, as if the city itself put a gun to their head and forced them to do nothing. These people will often talk about moving or going somewhere 'better' but never do.

Sue - "Man I'm soooo bored, I hate fredericksburg! There is nothing to do here!"
Jack - "Well what do you feel like doing?"
Sue - "I don't know!"

Sue will later go to Starbucks, Carl's, Walmart and the mall that night and have this exact same conversation with six other people. She will continue doing this everyday for the next three years.
by Devin Hush November 10, 2007

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Explicative shouted after screwing someone over big time, but the fact that you said "gotcha" makes it all OK.
Sue - "They towed my car! Unbelievable! I saw you put the money into the parking meter though"
Jack - "Actually I just pretended to put money in, I pocketed it instead"
Sue - "Jack! Thats a $90 fee! You idiot!"
Jack - "Gotcha!"
Sue - "Haha! Oh Jack..."
by Devin Hush November 10, 2007

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Practical joke preformed while at a stop light on a beggar. As the beggar comes to the window a penny is heated in the cigarette lighter. When he extends his hand to receive a gift the hot penny is placed in his hand. This causes fantastic levels of pain in beggar (screaming is likely to occur) but he needs the money so he doesn't let go. Administer of joke should drive off quickly.
Sue - "I can't believe you just did that!"
Jack - "What!? The hot penny trick? It's a little something called a practical joke, I wouldn't expect you to understand"
Sue - "I don't see anything practical about it!"
Jack - "He kept the money didn't he?"
by Devin Hush November 10, 2007

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A tactical move that involves a guy breaking up with a girl who he is not dating. The girl has confused their regular encounters and his enjoyment of them as romantic interest. The male, realizing that if keeps on hanging out with her he will be accused of "leading her on" even though he never had any romantic intentions at all, decides that he must tell her he doesn't have any interest. So without actually dating her, he is forced to break up with her, receiving all of the stress and crap of a relationship without having ever had any of the benefits, just so he won't be villainized for several months.
Jack - "Uhh Sue... it seems to me that you might like me... and well... uhhh... I just wanted you to know that I don't like you".

(extremely awkward moment)

Sue - "Oh"
Jack - "Sorry, I know this must feel like a preemptive break up, but I didn't want you to think I was... leading you on or anything"
by Devin Hush November 10, 2007

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Derogatory term for high-rise window cleaners who are generally hated by pretty much everybody. Most window cleaners are not aware of this term, or the animosity directed towards them.
Jack - "Well would you look at that?"
Tom - "Unbelievable. Hey squeege, forget your windex?"
Window Cleaner - "What? What are you talki-"
Jack - "Shut the hell up, squeege!"
Tom - "Yeah get outta here! Go clean some windows... squeege"
by Devin Hush November 10, 2007

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