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Being in the mood for breasts. Partially horny, but mainly just the need to look at breasts. See also "Assy" and "Pre-Party"
"I've had about 3 beers, i'm in a really breasty mood"

"Hey Kelly, show your tits! I'm feeling breasty!"
by Deus April 11, 2005
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One who prefers cameras which are no longer in production, had a good run only with some of their cameras, and are not really all that notorious. Also likes to stereotype Canonites and Nikonians by calling them amateurs, when in fact, and usually in general, they have far better bodies and lenses than the Contaxian.
"Man, that guy with that Canon L glass is making the guy with the Contax look like a child...he looks pissed too."
by Deus April 05, 2005
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Also known as student named Chris Kelly; has an unhealthy obsession with dog people. Should be avoided when possible. Use dog whistle when all attempts to subdue the dogman fails.
That dogman is an asshole.
by Deus December 11, 2003
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Something that a ninja might say whenever he miscalculates something and makes an error.
"Whoops. Ninja mistake."
by Deus September 09, 2004
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In certain cases, also refers to an outsider who makes it clear he/she's an outsider, going as far as to make fun of the outsiders to make him/herself look more outside. Will use false accusations and stereotypes to fulfill this. Has no reputable evidence or proof, facts are lacking, and he/she sounds like a total imbecile doing it. For excellent examples, see canonite and nikonian. Another good place is to do some research on where CONTAX rates (and why you don't ever see new Contax cameras, hmmm, wonder what happened. Did the copy machine company stop making them?) compared to other companies.
"I almost feel sorry for that Zoey person, he/she's made a total ass of themself, even going so far as to bash Leica. You almost have to have pity on the poor soul, they think they're professional! Come sit with me and point and laugh!"
by Deus April 05, 2005
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