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It's the combination of an idiot and a midget.-(a midget in this case refers to anyone who is smaller than you)
by Destin29358 January 21, 2008
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zokes comes from the word "jokes". zokes, means that: whatever i said i didn't mean it... but it was prety funny when i said it!! {instead of using jks (to say u were joking) just use zks.
-wow buddy, u really suck at basketball.
-screw you man!!!
-woah! easy there, i was only zokes... just zokes.
by Destin29358 January 21, 2008
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Contrary to r.i.p. meaning "rest in peace",
r.i.h. is used to mean "rot in hell" (though sometimes gently used to mean "rest in hell"?)
That bitch died? r.i.h. hun...
by Destin29358 January 22, 2012
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A word that is often used by people who often do not know how to properly use the word "often".
This guy has such poor grammar; instead of "oftenly", he should have used a real word such as "often" or "frequently".
by Destin29358 June 13, 2013
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the word gol may be the spanish word for goal, but in english it means: to "gasp out loud" which happens when someone is, surprised beyond words.
-yo i heard that sarah cheated on josh.
-gol!...wow, didn't see that one coming.
by Destin29358 January 21, 2008
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