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Bagging a girl while intoxicated and paying for it and trying to bag her girlfriend or group of girlfriends at the same time and rate.
Sheila was really hot. After a round of sex, I tried to Charlie Sheen her girlfriends but they wouldn't take the "spare change" I had.
by Dennis Dragon August 17, 2006
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I lubricant/suppository used for the anal cavity that has novacaine in it to dull the pain caused by a large penis. Could be used on a man or woman, which ever way you swing.
Lisa complained alot about my penis size until I used anal-eze. Now she hardly(no pun intended) feels a thing!
by Dennis Dragon August 23, 2006
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A larger than average ding-a-ling.
"Hang on a minute man, I've gotta go to the bathroom and relieve the 'ol king-a-ling."
by Dennis Dragon September 12, 2006
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