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Hunter is typically a fat 6-12 year old boy. He is usually a dick and likes to do things like shoot cats in the neighborhood with pellet guns. Hunter's favorite hat is a camo ball cap with a fish hook in it. His parents are divorced but his mom has full custody and she never disciplines him. Hunter's dad drives around in a lifted pickup truck and is constantly doing dip. Hunters mom is fat but used to be hot in the 10th grade but ever since she got knocked up in the 11th grade her body has gone to shit. Hunter doesn't like school, homework, or vegetables. His favorite meal is a burger with fries and have a panic attack if forced to eat something the isn't "American". Hunter will most likely go on to barley graduate high school and join the army as an Infantryman, artilleryman, or mechanic. After Hunter leaves the Army he will be referred to by his last name for the rest of his life.
Ms. Knight, your son Hunter was seen bullying and pulling the pigtails of the neighborhood girls again.
by Definition Mcgee May 9, 2019
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A pathetic little bitch baby that mistress gets to stand on
Mistress hates her little pig boy, I am her dirty little boy, please stand on me with your boots on.
by Definition Mcgee December 15, 2017
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Person 1: aye you see that girl over there she seems like such a freaking savage

Person 2: oh yeah that’s Shannon Joyce the most sav savage of them all she’s a friar too! Girls literally a walking savage!
by Definition Mcgee June 8, 2018
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