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Briefly suspending, or even closing out, your Facebook or any other social networking account.
Megan was spending too much time on Facebook, so she took a Facebreak.
by Defined May 21, 2012
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1)(n)a slimy organism that dies easily from exposure to salt
2)(n)(slang)a bullet
3)(n)(slang)a dollar

1-I think slugs are snails without the shell...
2-"Yea he in ICU...he caught a slug in his leg."
3-"I needa borrow a slug so i can get on da bus!"
by Defined March 3, 2007
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When your voice recognition software misinterprets "algorithms."
I texted Kenny asking how the algorithms in his computer program were working. He responded by asking me what I meant by "Al Gore rhythms"?
by Defined January 7, 2018
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When you approach someone for an embrace, but they turn to a 90 degree angle to avoid full frontal contact.
I went to embrace Shannon, but she turned sideways so I only got her shoulder. She’s a perpendicular hugger.
by Defined November 14, 2017
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