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Favrestock is a several month long period of intense media speculation, conjecture, indecisiveness, and hubbub circling around Brett Favre.

It is customary during Favrestock that Brett Favre hint at the possibility of ending his retirement and subsequently return to National Football League. Once this initial statement has been made, the excitement and dread of Favrestock commences.

Favrestock's humble beginnings date back to March 4, 2008 when Brett Favre shocked the world when he openly proclaimed his retirement after 16 illustrious seasons in Green Bay. Favre's retirement was short lived when he decided to make a return to NFL that resulted in a messy divorce with the Green Bay Packers.

Favre's resulting statement of a triumphant return sent the NFL world into a frenzy. Thus, Favrestock was born.
Pandering ESPN reporter: Today on SportsCenter Brett Favre meets with team physicans. Chris Mortensen dishes the facts on the next chapter of the Favre Saga.

NFL fan: Dude! Brett Favre is un-retiring... AGAIN! I hope he'll go back to playing with the Jets!

Another NFL fan: Please! Favre is a fossil, he needs to take his rightful spot in the pasture. Don't get so caught up in this freaking Favrestock.

NFL fan: We'll at least we went to the playoffs... Sheesh, the guy is a proven winner.

Another NFL fan: That's what everyone thinks... Favrestock is back once again!
by Define Me! August 18, 2009
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