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When someone who is so fond of Obama and his policies in the beginning gets sick of seeing him everywhere in the media (newspaper, TV, Radio, Internet etc).

Too much exposure to Barack Obama news as United State President.
Am getting Obama-sick now, everywhere you turn to it's all about Obama, I think we need a break now, wtf!
by Dee-Odus January 21, 2009

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Similar to SMS whore but in regards to Instant Messaging service such as MSN or Yahoo messenger, IRC channels etc.

Someone with excessive compulsion for using Instant messaging for conversation. Usually registered with all kind of instant messaging services, and they are constanly logged in to those services and first to respond to anyone queries.
Joe lacks confidence speaking on the phone, so he hangs around chat rooms and IRC channels, what an IM whore.
by Dee-Odus January 04, 2009

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When someone who has ran out of credit, or valid ticket/pass, on his/her oyster card causes delay for other people to pass through the ticket barrier (London Underground)
It took me 3 mins to exit the station because of people causing an Oyster jam.
by Dee-Odus December 18, 2008

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When an SMS whore sends you too many SMS texts which you are supposed to responds to but does not give you enough time to respond to each before sending you another and another. You become Textually Overloaded.
My cousin is an SMS whore, one text after another, I am constantly textually overloaded.
by Dee-Odus January 04, 2009

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When you receive too many SMS text messages all at once from different contacts on your cell/mobile phone, which doesn't happen too often. It could be both good or bad
All of a sudden I was textually bombarded when the manager announced his resignation.

I was textually bombarded on midnight leading to my birthday, 20 birthday greetings in 3 minutes. It felt great being loved by many people
by Dee-Odus January 04, 2009

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All the disgusting files (photos) that belongs to a convicted paedophile.
There are numerous paedo files found on the next door paedophile's computer.
by Dee-Odus January 03, 2009

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