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Short for "Fuck A Whole Bunch Of That Shit" or Fuck A Whole Bunch Of This Shit."

Used to express extreme displeasure with something or to show that you do not plan to perform a specific action.
Jarod: Boss wants us to write up a whole new procedure from scratch.

by Dedao do pe October 08, 2009
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A rule the specifies the youngest person that a person of either sex can date without it being inappropriate. The rule is always calculated by the older person's age.
Kristi: I got asked out today by a guy who's 30.

Jason: Well, you are 22 so it fits the half-plus-seven rule...
by Dedao do pe September 23, 2009
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When a stripper will place your face between her tits and use her boobs to take the dollar out of your mouth when she pulls away.
Joe: Wow, Sterling is such a beautiful woman...

Ralph: Well, what're you waiting for? Go get a booby dollar from her.
by Dedao do pe October 16, 2009
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Slang term for the smaller podunk areas of Montana. Using this term when in Montana implies that you feel surrounded by inbred rednecks.
I'm stuck visiting relatives in Montucky for the weekend. Can't even get Guinness here.
by Dedao do pe September 23, 2009
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