5 definitions by Decked

(adi) A description for time well spent at place of residence.

(verb) A period of time when a person finds activity to keep themselves amused in a comfortable environment.

(noun) a vacation whereas the individual remains in a familiar surrounding.
"Next month, I am planning a staycation with the kids for backyard camping."
by Decked September 03, 2017
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Using available resources to invent a fresh perspective on an already established idea.
John's creativity introduced me to art.
by Decked May 28, 2015
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1. Orange Soda

2. It's an overwhelming feeling for someone you are not familiar with.

3. A sexual attraction.
I have a crush on my new neighbor.
by Decked May 29, 2015
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1. (adj) A person that is oblivious to the world around them, due to extraneous circumstances.
by Decked July 10, 2016
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(noun) 1: British word for pork
"Dear, will you not forget to purchase the flaith ribs on your way home."
by Decked September 25, 2017
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