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One of many dramatic poses from the manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that almost nobody would ever do in day to day life except for JoJo characters and JoJo fans, can also be used to refer to one such pose that is not from JJBA. Usually resemble poses you might see in a fashion magazine.
I saw some guy do a JoJo pose the other day.
by Debleb January 24, 2021

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Shifting is a term used in various alterhuman communities, such as the otherkin and therian communities, to refer to feeling more like your kintype for a period of time. There are many types of shift, including phantom shifts, mental shifts and the impossible physical shift.
I'm shifting right now.
by Debleb November 11, 2020

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Short for Jurassic Park Velociraptor, this is either a Velociraptor that is actual from JP or one clearly more based on JP than anything science has said. Notable features of most JP Velociraptors include having few or no feathers, pronated hands, being bizarrely large for Velociraptor, slit crocodilian eyes, and an inaccurate skull shape.
"I got really excited for this new dinosaur movie that got announced but all the velociraptors were JP velociraptors," "Aw, that sucks,"
by Debleb January 16, 2021

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A file type used by Taiko no Tatsujin simulators that stores a song's chart.
I just downloaded a .tja file of my favourite song, I can't wait to play it later
by Debleb January 11, 2021

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Physical shifting is a form of shifting (feeling like you are becoming more like your kintype in some way) that involves physically becoming your kintype.

Physical shifting is impossible- it literally cannot be achieved, not with the technology currently available to us.

However, many believe in it, especially those who may be younger and/or more vulnerable.

In perhaps its most harmless form of being proposed to a person, it appears as spells and rituals, many of which may be found in things like online spellbooks. These spells, of course, do not and cannot actually work. However, actual cults, often online ones, have cropped up related to physical shifting and achieving it.
Jamie believes in physical shifting. She says a spell every night before bed to try and become a wolf. I hope I can help her realise it will never happen.
by Debleb November 11, 2020

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A person who identifies involuntarily and non-physically as a real life animal, extant or extinct. Often shortened to simply therian.
Ciara is a therianthrope. She's a cat.
by Debleb November 10, 2020

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1. An umbrella term for involuntarily and non-physically identifying as something other than human, or as a fictional human, similar to alterhuman.

2. Identifying involuntarily and non-physically as a non-human creature which has never at any point in time existed on earth, such as a dragon or an alien.
John is otherkin. He's a dragon.
by Debleb November 10, 2020

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