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Going fast without leaning left and right during a street race.
Top speed. Ghost ride without leaning left and right.
by Death0A June 21, 2015

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How you handle yourself and how you work with what you got through practice, and family lineage - total opposite of swag because people with swag have fear and are not handy with their hands.
I rather have chemistry with all the tools my parents invested in me than be a dumb nigga with swag because all that grease on your face ain't good for your body or mind, nigga.
by Death0A October 03, 2014

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Usually raunchy humor or college strip based humor that will get you ruined in the train of thought.
NSFW? You showed me some porno that was enjoyable and called it NSFW? It is commonly misused in IRC.
by Death0A June 23, 2015

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Protecting the ground you're walking on, and, then, or, directing traffic on your turf.
That kid had so much skill, he was directing traffic from your pistol to the ground, and away from him so: "TALK ABOUT DROPPING DIMES, YOU LOST A GUN FIGHT TO A KID WITH A KNIFE?" That kid was turfing so hard in your city letting his action do the speaking; TURF TALK.
by Death0A December 01, 2014

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Defeating people using unfair advantage/without the act, law, and or governship of fairness around.
Why are you talking shit for? You waited for me to be sick to fight me? That's how you bitch label a person.
by Death0A September 16, 2014

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