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Cruising the main stretch of road in your town. AKA - Draggin' Main, referring to cruising Main Street.
Last friday, we were Draggin' the Line until 3 AM, and then we ran out of gas and had to walk home.
by David J. Hansen September 15, 2006

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Synonym for "Cool" or "Awesome", with origons tracked back to Fort Collins, CO from the types of mentally handicapped people that flail arms wildly and scream loudly, which is pretty awesome.
Bruce: Man, last night was viciously retarded! Especially when I found $50.00!
Ted: Yeah, we will have to go out again soon!
by David J. Hansen September 21, 2006

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Slang for an analog stick on video game console controllers, usually used by gamers who prefer PC gaming over consoles. The mouse and keyboard system is much quicker, more precise, and responsive than analog sticks. Switching from the PC setup to an analog stick setup makes the controls feel slow and clumsy. Many developers factor this in, as PC versions of games often have higher AI and/or difficulty than console versions, as the player has the potential for much higher reaction time and control.
Hey, why are you using that retard stick when you could be playing on the PC with a mouse! It's superior in every way.
by David J. Hansen April 05, 2008

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Slang for a VW bus (the Volkswagen Type 2, AKA Transporter).
Named for their uncanny resemblance to the cream-filled sponge cake... in shape at least. In the Slug-Bug game, Bugs are worth one slug, Twinkies are worth two, and VW Things are worth four, only because they are so rare. If you see a yellow VW bus driving down the street, you may mistake it for a giant rolling Twinkie.
Billy: Twinkie! (slugs Jim twice)
Jim: Aw man, you suck!

Sue: I bought a Twinkie last night, only had 220,000 miles.
by David J. Hansen January 15, 2008

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Retarded Nose Syndrome. If one has a chronically runny nose from a long-lasting illness, or just unlucky enough to have abnormally runny nose genes, they are said to have RNS. Also sometimes known as Runny Nose Syndrome, for those easily offended.
Heather: Why do you have such a huge pile of nasty tissues by your desk?
Me: I have an acute case of RNS, once it starts it takes hours to die down!
Heather: Real nice.
by David J. Hansen April 26, 2009

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