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When you take the top off a toilet and shit in it so and replace it so when the next victim flushe's instead of becoming clean it fill's up with shit..
This dude pissed my off so I gave him the ol' upper deck..
by Dave Buttox May 05, 2004

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A zipper is a slang name for a ounce of weed....
I cant pay my rent until I sell this zipper...
by Dave Buttox May 18, 2004

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It is a term that is a comparison to those old tv ads' which showed people blowing cig smoke thru a cheese cloth and the stain that is left on it look's like skid mark's in underwear..
My silk boxer's have smoker's breath on them
by Dave Buttox May 17, 2004

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The act of strollin down the street with one's testical's exposed...
Yesterday I saw Dave and Jayce ballwalking...
by Dave Buttox May 10, 2004

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To mastubate, beat off, jack off, beat the bishop, rub one out and so on
After I saw those two girl's I had to go to the shitter so I could toss a beat.
by Dave Buttox May 18, 2004

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A small bowl of weed packed by a person who is real stingy. which usually consiist's of a few speck's of trim and seed's and stem's...
I went to Salty Jason's house and all he did was give me a light beer and pack a chach bowl....
by Dave buttox May 17, 2004

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Two fat tattoed imature twin's named Todd and Greg that are alway's at Dead show's and Festival's who are hard of hearing have more Dead Tatoo's than the whole lot combined..And they call everybody...jason
I went to the festie and pissed on both of the aggie twin's bus's
by Dave Buttox May 18, 2004

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