4 definitions by Datzabbadabbado

When you are cockblocked by long distance in a different time zone.

Essentially it ruins your chances of ever having a relationship with them.
Girl 1: listen, Stacy, she’s absolutely gorgeous and we’ve been talking for a while on social media.
Stacy: but she’s all the way in Germany, girl. Not worth it.
Girl 1: damn it, I know, I always get clockblocked.
by Datzabbadabbado July 24, 2018
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When you go off to New Zealand to have a 7-way with complete strangers. It’s open all hours of the night and there’s a chance someone might catch a STD.
Tobias: Hey Riley, I got several of my mates at my house tonight and we need just one more person to perform a New Zealand 7/11.
Riley: no thanks, I don’t want to get sick.
by Datzabbadabbado June 26, 2019
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1. When someone is thirsty for drama to the point that they make the drama

2. When someone simply is aggravated over something trivial and they make it a bigger deal than it actually is
Girl 1: did you hear what Lizzie said to Anna yesterday? She called her a whore and started a fist fight with her over the phone because Anna saying she doesn’t think Georgie is hot enough to be prom queen.
Girl 2: oh she is so pressed for juice to get so riled up for that.
by Datzabbadabbado March 08, 2019
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A girl who takes on the role of the more butch dom in a lesbian relationship.

Similar to boys calling themselves (or their partner calling them) daddy but the feminine version of it.
I need myself a good girl fuckboy daddi in my life.

Oh she’s total daddi material.
by Datzabbadabbado July 13, 2018
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