3 definitions by Datthott

When an individual goes on the worldwide social pictoria known as Instagram and engages in the solo act of masturbation to pictures.
Arthur:"hey did you see the new picture sarah posted?'
Luke:"hell yeahh, dude i masturgram to her pics daily"
by Datthott November 10, 2012
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When a female with an incredibly big butt chin, puts a penis in the crack with a little lubericant (usally spit, baby oil, or non-scented lotion) an does and up an downward motions thus making the penis ejaculate all over the females face.
Trey: Hey did you hear?
Alex: Hear what bro?
Trey: Ashlyn gave Luke a chinjob, and he had to be rushed to the ER.
Alex: Oh. Wow what thats awful, but those are very dangerous.
by Datthott October 12, 2012
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You insert your fist repeatedly while the female is on her menstrual cycle. Thus creating Hawaiian Punch.
Vanessa: "Stephen we can't have sex im on my period."

Stephen: "Well perhaps, we can try something new!"

Vanessa: "Like what?"

Stephen: "Its called a Hawaiian Punch."
by Datthott September 28, 2012
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